We offer our customers complete solutions ranging from the initial concept to design, prototyping, market research, clinical testing and inline production, up to delivery.

Spazzolificio Piave was founded more than 150 years ago in Conegliano Veneto as a manufacturer of brushes, toothbrushes and paint brushes.
In 1970 the company was taken over by the Zecchin family and moved to Onara in the Padua province. From that moment, under the guidance of Mrs. Isolina Zecchin, the company specializes exclusively in the manufacture of toothbrushes and oral hygiene accessories, initially with private label manufacturing for the major pharmaceutical companies, subsequently developing and affirming its own ranges on the market.
The real turning point, however, came in the early 90’s with the launch of Silver Care, an innovative toothbrush that for the first time introduced the concept of antibacteriality in this type of product with a simple but effective solution: the silver coated head. The Silver Care range allows Spazzolificio Piave to find its own defined identity in a market dominated by large multinational groups and to conquer significant market shares.

Research and development

We are constantly evolving in the development of oral hygiene solutions with a single purpose, to improve people’s lives.
The search for innovative materials, the attention to the environment and the design of new shapes make our products unique and with superior quality standards, thus bringing MADE IN ITALY all over the world.
the world.


All production is entirely made in Italy in our factory, a unique feature for a company producing toothbrushes and related products.
This for us is a mark of success and we are truly proud of it.


In this phase we have studied and certified, in cooperation with the University of Milan, a sterilization system of the products using UV lamps.
This process allows us to have the certainty that the consumer will receive a clean and sanitized product.


Unlike many other oral care manufacturers, Piave provides its customers with tailor-made solutions to meet their needs.


For shipping we help our clients use the most convenient means in terms of timing and cost efficiency.